Kevin Mazur / Contributor

Kendall Jenner Wears Stars And Stripes Forever At TRL

Unlike the issues dominating this election cycle, Kendall’s shirt is totally black and white

Tuesday night (September 27), we all watched Total Registration Live, after ensuring that we were registered to vote, confident that the future of America’s democracy would stay cute as hell. Kendall Jenner, Rock the Vote and flared leather pants spokesperson, wore blue jeans (so Americana) with a cropped long-sleeved t-shirt that was, unlike the issues dominating this year’s election cycle, entirely black and white.

Politically engaged minds must think alike — she even matched with MTV’s own Ana Marie Cox:

Kevin Mazur / Contributor

In the immortal words of Kendall, “Voting is cute.” Make sure that you’re registered to vote; matching your voting outfit to MTV staffers is not mandatory, but will be greatly appreciated.