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Will Ariana Grande Pull A ‘Reverse Taylor Swift’ And Go Country?

It worked for Demi, Gwen, and Beyoncé

Ariana Grande’s pretty busy lately, between her Dangerous Woman tour, her upcoming role in NBC’s Hairspray Live!, and possibly some more sporadic SoundCloud songs. But that doesn’t mean she’s not looking ahead to the next phase of her career ... and it sounds like she may have some surprises in store.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Ari talked about the possibility of pulling a “reverse Taylor Swift” by making a crossover from pop to country.

“My grandpa, he always wanted me to do something in the country world,” she said. “I don't know if that would ever happen, [but] if that opportunity comes along, I'd have to say, ‘Hell yeah!’” Later in the interview, she again confirmed that she’s “gotta make that happen someday.”

Turns out, the “Side to Side” singer has a family history with country music and grew up listening to The Dixie Chicks with her dad. There’s no telling just how serious Ari is about the country crossover, but if she does choose that road, she’ll be in good company. It worked for these five other artists:

  1. Demi Lovato

    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: There’s no genre Demi can’t slay. Earlier this year, she teamed up with country king Brad Paisley for “Without a Fight,” a fun-loving ode to make-up sex.

  2. Jessica Simpson

    Way back in 2005, when Jessica was a chicken of the sea–lovin’ MTV reality star, she starred in the big-screen reboot of The Dukes of Hazzard. She also covered Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” from the soundtrack, and of course rocked some cheeky daisy dukes in the video.

  3. Nelly

    Nelly’s practically a king in crossover success. First he teamed up with Tim McGraw for 2004’s “Over and Over,” and then he struck countrified gold again in 2011 on “Cruise” with Florida Georgia Line. (But you should still stream “Hot in Herre” to help him with those debt probs.)

  4. Gwen Stefani

    Earlier this year, the pop-punk queen teamed up with her real-life S.O. Blake Shelton for the lovey-dovey duet “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.”

  5. Beyoncé

    Last but certainly not least, Bey knocked everyone flat when she debuted her first straight-up country song, “Daddy Lessons,” on Lemonade. The twangy tune even got a coveted cosign from The Dixie Chicks.