Funny Or Die

Shawn Mendes Is Such A Diva... Or Is He?

A hilarious new video attempts to expose Shawn's 'punk teen popstar' side

At face value, Shawn Mendes is pretty much the epitome of a sweetheart. He’s Canadian, he has the face and voice of an angel, he loves his fans, and he’s honest about his many, many feelings. But is the Illuminate singer harboring a secret divalicious alter ego? A new video from Funny or Die hilariously attempted to find out by filming him “behind closed doors.”

In the video, a skeptical limo driver immediately pegs Shawn a “punk teen popstar,” even as Shawn gives his sandwich to a homeless man. During their car ride together, Shawn’s acts of kindness get more and more over-the-top — he calls a soup kitchen just to wish them a “happy Wednesday,” he emotionally reads fan letters, and he even stops the car to offer a ride to a visually impaired man.

The whole thing ends absurdly and hilariously... and without a speck of controversy on Shawn’s still-untainted record. Once a sweetheart, always a sweetheart.

Shawn Mendes Is A Diva from Funny Or Die