Six Degrees Of Brangelina: How The Divorcing Couple Fit Into Hollywood’s Sex Web

Here’s proof that everyone in The Biz is connected — and horny

Last week, Oscar winner Marion Cotillard made an Oscar-worthy Instagram post, complete with a small bird flying into what appears to be sparkly toxic gas, as well as a caption denouncing haters, clearing up Brad Pitt love child rumors, and kindly wishing a “swift recovery” for those who are quick to pass judgment.

Sometimes celebrities are delightful, even the ones who are also artists, and Cotillard’s rumored inclusion in the narrative of Hollywood hookups adds a touch of class and some divine cohesion to what might have otherwise been a chaos of Troy cast members and once and future lovers of the Benet-Kravitz dynasty. The universe is large, but bless it, the celebrity dating pool is small. So, as was true for Galileo, if you seek order in our fractured and chaotic world, just look to the stars.

This web represents an attempt to map the stars, to connect the dots, to Beautiful Mind the romantic celebrity ecosystem, according to dating history — and, in some cases, rumors. As with Facebook, this social network began as a scribble on a bedroom window of the Kirkland House, and also as with Facebook, this ever-expanding universe of incestuous celebrity hookups will grow on forever, linking the A-list to Bobby Cannavale until the end of time.