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Kylie Jenner’s Fall 2016 Squad Includes Skrillex

They hang out in a marble-covered mansion with Alexander Wang, obvs

Though Kendall Jenner is typically considered the model in her family, Kylie Jenner has a number of campaigns under her belt, including Puma, Balmain, and now, Alexander Wang.

Kylie previewed her Wang Squad membership two weeks ago, but we didn’t know what her involvement would be. Today, we got our first look at the campaign video.

In the clip, Kylie and fellow #WangSquad members including Skrillex, Tyga, Anna Ewers, and more hang out in a marble-covered mansion and dance around to music created by Skrillex exclusively for the campaign.

We’ve gotten so used to seeing blonde Kylie that seeing her with dark hair again is almost surprising. Seeing her canoodle with Tyga, however, is not.

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