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Solange Sent 86 Fans A Mysterious Book That Might Just Tease New Music

Something called ‘A Seat at the Table’ appears to be on the way

2016 is already a banner year for new music, and now it looks like Solange might just be adding to the mix.

Beyoncé’s little sister published a series of enigmatic Instagram posts recently, beginning with one that invited her followers to sign up for a mysterious piece of snail mail. Now, it seems that the first 86 people who signed up on Solange’s website have gotten their gift.

Yesterday (September 26), a few people started tweeting photos of a book they received from Solange’s team. It’s called A Seat at the Table, it includes what look like lyrics or poetry written by Solange, and most importantly, it bears a date: September 30, 2016.

That’s this Friday, for those of you keeping score.

Solange confirmed that these books did indeed come from her by posting a photo of her own copy on Instagram. The caption reads “1/86,” implying that she sent out 85 copies and kept one for herself. (Solange was born in 1986, and like Beyoncé, she seems to have a special interest in the power of numbers.)

Recent photos on Solange’s Instagram show phrases that could be song titles or lyrics, like “pour my ashes where they claimed my name” and “don’t let anybody steal your magic.” It’s all very mysterious so far, but one thing looks clear: Friday will be an important day in the Knowles universe.