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Katy Perry Tried Voting Naked And It Didn’t Go So Well

She brings you this PSA from jail

On Primary Day 2016, Katy Perry did something truly shocking — she didn't wear a themed outfit to vote. The queen of wearing political endorsements on her sleeve decided to forego anything patriotic.

Now, thanks to a new Funny Or Die video, we know why — she was probably just straight-up naked.

Katy teased the video yesterday on Twitter, promising to use her body as clickbait to change the world. In fact, it features Katy encouraging voters to roll up to the polls on November 8 in whatever they slept in. In her case, that would be...nothing.

As Katy discovers — spoiler alert, I'm so sorry — you can't actually vote naked. Beyond that, we all learn a very important Election Day lesson: Your outfit doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is showing up.