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21 Things Harry Styles Looks Like On His New Magazine Covers

Twitter has spoken, and Hazza is equal parts Severus Snape and Charlie Bucket

Hopefully you’ve recovered from the shock of seeing Harry Styles’s first solo magazine covers, because we need to have a thorough discussion about them.

See, these three covers have sent the internet into quite the dizzying tizzy, and everyone had to find their own coping mechanism for dealing with the sheer beauty of it all. Some people pulled up the pics and sang “Hey Angel” directly at their laptop screens (or was that just me??), while others wasted no time trying to decide what (or whom) Hazza resembles in these photos.

Another Man Magazine/Instagram

Here are the best and craziest comparisons people have made about Harry’s Another Man magazine covers — see how many you agree with:

  1. Harry looks like Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger.
  2. He also looks like a mix between a young Mick Jagger and a young Axl Rose.
  3. Harry looks like Charlie Bucket from Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.
  4. Harry looks ready for an awkward family portrait.
  5. Harry looks like the missing kid from Stranger Things.
  6. But he also looks like Will’s older bro, Jonathan.
  7. Harry looks like a clapped armadillo (whatever that is).
  8. Harry looks like a member of The Beatles.
  9. More specifically, he looks like Paul McCartney.
  10. Harry looks like an angel... aww.
  11. And like a goober.
  12. Harry looks like Jimmy Fallon.
  13. Harry looks like some kind of fantastical, mythical king.
  14. Or he just looks like The King himself.
  15. Harry looks like a “masterpiece oil on canvas.” Van Gogh is shook!
  16. Harry looks that awfully boring face-obsessed dude from Game of Thrones.
  17. Harry looks like a fetus.
  18. Harry looks like Professor Severus Snape.
  19. Harry looks like Jim Carrey, circa Dumb & Dumber (not sure that’s a compliment??).
  20. He also looks like Leonardo DiCaprio, circa What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.
  21. Harry simply looks like an “icon.”