Teen Mom OG's Maci Describes Ryan's Perfect Match (In The Bluntest Way Possible)

Bentley's dad has yet to find 'the one,' but his ex thinks he needs this type of girl

Maci and Ryan have both moved on from their rocky relationship (their split was a pivotal moment during the inaugural Teen Mom season) -- and while the mother of three has everlasting love with her soon-to-be husband Taylor, Bentley's dad has yet to settle down with "the one" (he also got an earful about his single status from his dad Larry during a recent episode). And as Maci nears her wedding day, the 25-year-old is reflecting on her romantic journey versus her ex's.

"I've been lucky enough to find Taylor and for us to be building a life together," the Tennessean divulges in the clip above. "Sometimes I do worry about Ryan and if he'll find happiness or find someone that completes him."

She continues: "In my honest opinion, I think Ryan has to learn to love himself first."

So what type of girl does Maci envision for Ryan? Hear her (humorously) open up, and be sure to keep watching TMOG every Monday at 9/8c!

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