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Kanye West Continues To Be A Champion Of Self-Love

Or, how he helped Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon out of a funk

Kanye West loves Kanye West, and partly because of that, Bon Iver loves Bon Iver. The band's frontman, Justin Vernon, recently opened up to The Guardian about self-love and his friendship with 'Ye. The two artists are big fans of each other's work and have collab'd often, including for Francis and the Lights' "Friends" music video last summer.

"Kanye speaks of how you have to love yourself and believe in yourself," Vernon — whose new Bon Iver album, 22, A Million, is out this Friday (September 30) — said. It's been a long road here; just last year, Vernon denied working on new music.

"I had mental stuff, stuff I felt needed healing. And as morose or self-involved as it is, I felt that the only thing I could do was to go into myself a little bit," he revealed, later adding that he lived with depression and anxiety during this time.

It was Kanye who reminded Vernon to take care of himself — and, in the process, reminded him what the music's all about.

"I heard him say something recently: 'I love myself so other people can love themselves,'" Vernon said. "So they get up in the morning and put on a song and be like 'FUCK YEAH.' And that is what it's for."

Consider this your permission to completely, unabashedly love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye. Self-love is the best love out there.