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Harry Styles Wears A Choker And So Much More On His First Solo Magazine Cover


Well, today is officially the greatest Monday in the history of the world — the first solo magazine covers featuring Harry Styles are here. Yes, I said covers because there are three, and wow are he and Another Man Magazine making up for lost time.

The first was photographed pre-haircut, which means this has been kept from us since May. That's six months of us sitting around, wondering when Harry's first magazine cover would be unveiled to the masses, all while it existed in secret.

The second cover is post-chop, though it's not styled quite as, um, modern as we've seen since he first took the plunge. The interview was conducted by Paul McCartney and Chelsea Handler — yeah, IDK — so maybe it's an homage to the former's iconic style. It's a little more Mick Jagger than Paul McCartney, but it wouldn't be the first time Harry found inspo in Mick.

And finally, we have short-haired Harry in a mohair sweater and — OMFG — a choker. IDK how to recover from this. Will I ever? TBD.

The issue, according to Harry's captions, will be released on September 29, when, hopefully, we will get to see the "special document" Harry curated for us. Three days, people. We can do it!!!!