Bruce Springsteen Names His Own Fave Springsteen Songs For Stephen Colbert

Chances are they’re your favorites, too

Bruce Springsteen had a pretty huge birthday on September 23: He not only he released a new album — Chapter and Verse, a companion piece to his forthcoming memoir — but finally commented on the state of American politics and named his personal favorites from his own discography.

(Honestly, with the exception of Chapter and Verse, that last point on the list may be the most exciting thing Springsteen's done in the last 24 hours for some hardcore fans.)

As Bruce is in reflective mode — the memoir and Chapter and Verse both revisit the hits of his career's earlier days — getting retrospective and singling out certain tracks naturally came up in conversation.

The first song that came to mind? "Born to Run," which is both the title of his memoir and his full-length debut, and, yeah, the song that shows up in the dictionary when you flip to "THE BOSS" or "SPRINGSTEEN."

After that, Bruce listed off "The Rising," "Thunder Road," "Nebraska," and "Racing in the Street" after fielding a few suggestions from the audience ("Cynthia!" "Jungleland!" "Meet Me in the City!"). Colbert himself offered up "Badlands," but it was another track off 1978's Darkness on the Edge of Town that made the cut.

All worthy of fave status, to be sure, but "Dancing in the Dark" will always be the Springsteen cut that gave us free reign to pull a Courtney Cox with the best of 'em.