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Kristen Stewart Upgraded Her Blonde Hair To Platinum

There are no roots anywhere in sight

If Kylie Jenner's new hair made you want to dump a bunch of bleach on your head, seeing Kristen Stewart's might be the final push you need — she, too, has gone platinum.

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Kristen went blonde in the spring and, as she explained to Jimmy Fallon, it was the first time she had dyed her hair for herself and not, y'know, a role; we can only assume this even lighter look is even more for her.

Though her hair appears shorter than the chin-length bob she's had lately, it seems like it's just pinned back — no dramatic chop (yet).

Unlike Kylie, who recently lamented how quickly her roots were growing in, we're willing to place bets that Kristen will not only embrace her roots, but make them look cooler than we ever thought possible. We won't have to wait long to find out.