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Do You Remember Demi Lovato’s First Disney Channel Show, As The Bell Rings?

The series didn’t include the Jonas Brothers or Selena Gomez

Demi Lovato ruled Disney Channel from 2008 to 2011, singing with the Jonas Brothers in Camp Rock, playing an endangered princess with Selena Gomez in Princess Protection Program, and learning the ins and outs of Hollywood on Sonny with a Chance. She quickly became a household name, but the “Confident” singer first starred on the forgotten Disney Channel series short As the Bell Rings, which turns a decade old next year.

The series lasted two seasons but Lovato only appeared on Season 1. Unlike other Disney shows such as The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, As the Bell Rings’s episodes lasted approximately two to five minutes each and aired in between full-length Disney programs — similar to Mike’s Super Short Show’s setup.

As the Bell Rings was set in a school hallway where the cast lamented bad grades, dished on crushes, and dealt with teenage drama in between classes. And although its theme song had just one lyric, it was still ridiculously catchy.

Lovato played lead girl Charlotte Adams, whose BFF was MTV Scream’s own Carlson Young. Charlotte had a crush on Danny (Tony Oller), whose best friends were “Toejam” (Seth Ginsberg) and Skipper (Collin Cole). The whole gang also included Brooke (Gabriela Ross) and Season 2’s Lexi (Lindsey Black).

And because it was Demi Lovato, there was definitely singing on the show. Oller tweeted “Wowwwwzerasaas” after seeing the video below.

Lovatics love their queen’s earliest Disney work, even though they’re still upset Charlotte and Danny never got together. Who knew a series short would lead to three DCOMs, a TV series, and later a singing career? Demi, you are definitely a “Warrior.”