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Kaskade Is Sick Of Drug Use Being Framed As An EDM-Only Problem

‘Sometimes numbers paint a picture so let’s get smart for one second’

Kaskade is over how drug use in the EDM community is portrayed in the press, and he’s not down to “keep quiet” about it anymore.

After seeing a Los Angeles Times headline that made his blood boil, Kaskade shared his concerns regarding drug-related deaths at EDM events — and how they can be manipulated — in a post on his website. The article in question ran under a headline of “After a summer of deaths, popular Halloween rave won’t be held,” and it threw Kaskade because of its “salacious” framing of the cancellation of a major electronic music event in Southern California.

“Today an article surfaced in the LA Times, AGAIN, saying the sky is falling because of raves," he writes. "Its headline screams a salacious ‘After a summer of deaths, popular Halloween rave won’t be held’. Really. A summer of deaths. Really. In a recent previous article, LA Times states, ‘There have now been at least 21 confirmed drug-related deaths among people who went to raves nationwide by Los Angeles-area companies since 2006.’ As a lover of dance music, a friend, a brother, a son, a husband, and a father, even ONE death strikes me down. But let’s not pretend this is an isolated problem, something unique to dance music culture.”

Kaskade goes on to offer up a few numbers, specifically stats regarding substance-related deaths at EDM events and how those compare to the number of people who die on a daily basis due to drunk driving-related incidents. He goes on to say that he wants to use his platform and influence to keep the conversation going, and keep the headlines informed.

“The war on drugs is a farce," he concludes. “There are better answers than regurgitating the same alarmist solutions that have never worked, which will NEVER work. Try this on: education, harm reduction and legalization.”