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Who Is Evan Peters Playing On American Horror Story: Roanoke?

Three popular theories guess at the ‘AHS’ veteran’s character

UPDATE (9/26/16, 11:49 a.m. ET): Another theory about Evan Peters's character is gaining traction online.

We're two episodes into American Horror Story: Roanoke and fan favorite Evan Peters still hasn't shown up. Of course, IMDb doesn't list "Chapter 2" as credit only, like it does for "Chapter 1," so either the entire internet missed his beautiful face or we're all being punk'd.

Fans were restless after the season premiere last week, but since Peters actually wasn't on the first episode of AHS: Hotel, there was no reason to sound the alarm just yet. However, when he didn't appear on last night's (September 21) episode, everyone's patience ran out the door — like what Shelby, Matt, and Lee should've done after the first spooky house encounter.

Because we have nothing much to go on, fans started concocting theories about who Peters is playing, whenever he decides to show up. Let's take a closer look at each of them.

  • Peters is the pig-headed man.

    When this freaky character was briefly seen walking around on "Chapter 1," fans were stirred up into a frenzy, believing the pointy, bony shoulder onscreen actually belongs to Peters. First off, it's weird AF people even noticed that attribute about him, but I'm not judging. Second, though, this does seem fairly plausible. Peters's characters on both Murder House and Hotel were psychopaths who definitely killed to the beat of their own drum. A person wearing a mask made out of an actual pig wouldn't be too far of a stretch for him.

    But is this shoulder dude the same person as the pig-headed man? This also raises the question of whether the pig-headed man from Roanoke is connected to Piggy Man from Murder House. Dun dun DUN.

  • Peters is the real life person the officer was reenacting.

    Back in August, we reported that Peters had dyed his hair red, speculating whether it was for his AHS role. He confirmed to Vanity Fair a few days later that we were, indeed, correct. The police officer from both "Chapter 1" and "Chapter 2" is played by Colby French, who's also a redhead. Officer No Name is the dude who ran into the house after Matt saw the two nurses murder an elderly person in cold blood.

    According to Hello Giggles and several fans on Twitter, Peters will be the Talking Head in the My Roanoke Nightmare docu-drama — a.k.a. the real life police officer from the story. Since both Lily Rabe (Talking Head Shelby) and Peters are big AHS veterans, this popular theory floating around that all the people creating the documentary are about to be haunted themselves makes more sense. Showrunner Ryan Murphy isn't gonna let two of his biggest stars sit and just talk about drama, instead of actually getting involved in it.

  • Peters is reprising his role as Tate Langdon.

    Many people, including Tumblr user takemeseattle, believe Peters will reprise his ghostly Murder House character. According to takemeseattle's theory, "Roanoke is Billy Dean's TV show. And Episodes 6-9 are going to be at Murder House. Episode 10 I think the spirits of Murder House will revolt and kill the film crew or something." This could explain why it's taking what feels like for-ev-er for Peters to join in on this season; we're having to wait until we're at the Murder House twist, which fans assume won't happen until Episode 6.

    While this theory doesn't explain why Peters dyed his hair red, since Tate's was blond, we'll just go with it for now. Because seriously, how awesome would it be to see Tate come back to life? (Pun intended.)

    Either way, we'd better see Evan Peters this week, because he's simply synonymous with the series. Please and thank you.