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Britney Spears’s Kids Scaring Her Half To Death Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Preston and Jayden are the new Scare Masters

If Preston and Jayden Federline aren't already your favorite celebrity kids, they will be soon. The brothers hijacked mom Britney Spears' phone and recorded themselves scaring the everloving bejesus out of her. Preston did the actual scaring while younger brother Jayden was presumably on camera duty.

The result was a scare (and scream) that Scare Master Ellen DeGeneres would've been proud to witness. Luckily, Spears had a good sense of humor about the whole thing — after her heart started beating again, that is — and captioned the video "My damn kids 😂."

Kids today! You throw them a huge Pokémon-themed birthday bash, and THIS is how they repay you. Tsk tsk tsk.