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Gigi Hadid Responds To The β€˜Idiot’ Who β€˜Man-Handled’ Her In The Street

She made him β€˜run quick tho πŸ‘Šβ€™

After walking the Max Mara show this morning, Gigi Hadid was leaving with her sister Bella when some random asshole decided to lift her up off the ground. Gigi, appropriately enough, was angry at this deliberate intrusion of her personal space, but The Sun saw fit to describe the incident as "not model behavior" towards a "fan."

Gigi took to Twitter to call out the paper and defend her totally reasonable reaction.

Seriously, can you imagine how terrifying it would be to have a complete stranger lift you up in the street? Can you imagine this guy trying to pick up Kanye West as he left a show? Yes, Gigi is a public figure, but she doesn't owe anyone β€” especially a strange man in the street, fan or not β€”Β anything. At all.

Fortunately, Gigi got rid of him quickly by using everything she's learned in the boxing ring. Maybe men can just stop picking up all women, period? Cool.