Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Billy Eichner Is Getting Off The Street And Into Hairspray Live!

Welcome to the Baltimore of the ’60s, Bill!

You know Billy Eichner as the dude running up and down New York City’s streets with a microphone. Soon, you’ll know him as the dude running — and maybe dancing, ’cause it’s a musical and all — up and down vintage Baltimore’s streets with a microphone, as he’s now a member of the cast of Hairpsray Live!

Eichner is the latest big name to join the star-studded cast of NBC’s live-action musical as Rob Barker, a local newscaster who keeps tabs on Tracy Turnblad’s shenanigans. (Pretty sure Bob Barker, the dude who runs the game on The Price Is Right, isn’t related to Eichner's character.)

The musical, which airs on December 7, already stars Ariana Grande as Penny Pingleton, Jennifer Hudson as Motormouth Maybelle, and Derek Hough as Corny Collins, the host of the TV show Tracy dreams of joining as a dancer.

Disney stars Dove Cameron and Garrett Clayton recently signed on, too, so Eichner’s in excellent company and set to bring some very specific, street-savvy expertise to the show.