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Kathy Bates Ditches Her Roanoke Garb For A Snake Tattoo In Racy Bad Santa 2 Trailer

She takes a break from terrorizing Sarah Paulson to terrorize Billy Bob Thornton

Kathy Bates has been terrifying us since she carved up slaves and imprisoned her own daughters on American Horror Story: Coven — well, she's actually been making us keep our distance since Misery. Now, Bates has adopted a whole new persona: a potty-mouthed con-artist mom who DGAF.

Bates is front and center in the new red band trailer for Bad Santa 2, a sequel we've been waiting for since Bad Santa premiered in 2003. As Billy Bob Thornton's unapologetic mother Sunny Soke, Bates definitely won't be winning Mother of the Year anytime soon.

A "super butch super bitch," according to the movie's website, Bates ups the stakes on her son's newest scam of robbing a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve. Yep, we're definitely not in Roanoke anymore. Check out the trailer below.