Michelle Obama Explains Why You Should Never Look Beyoncé In The Eye

FLOTUS gets honest on ‘The Late Show’

When the First Family has dinner together, President Barack Obama leaves his job at the door. Dinnertime conversation includes everything from the hottest gossip to Beyoncé's Lemonade, Michelle revealed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday (September 20).

Colbert asked FLOTUS what Bey is like in real life, and she joked, "You shouldn't look her in the eye." Then she got serious, saying, "She's a special person. She's a sweetheart. She's smart, she's creative, a great mother, she loves her family. She's just a low-key lady. We have a lot in common in that way, except I can't sing, I can't dance — not like Beyoncé."

It's OK, FLOTUS. No living human can dance better than Bey.

She also dished on her recent romantic Essence photo shoot with her "beau." Turns out POTUS isn't a fan of the camera.

"Barack is horrible in photo shoots," she explained, laughing. "I'm sure right there I was saying, 'Would you just be patient? Don't rush the photographer.' He's like, 'I think we got the shot. Can I go?' It's like, no, you can't go."

Of course, none of this showed in the mag — they look picture-perfect as always.