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Gigi Hadid Is Making ‘Triple Denim’ Happen

Why limit your denim to double?

It takes a brave woman to conquer double denim, and an even braver one to go all the way up in triplicate. Beyoncé did it last year, and now Gigi Hadid has given it a go. If not during fashion month, then when, y'know?

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In Milan, Gigi started things off with a pair of distressed jeans. On top, she wore a denim jacket the only way to wear jackets these days: with her shoulders exposed. Then, in the middle of all that comes the most unexpected part — a denim skirt. WHAAA? Denim skirt ON TOP of jeans? Gigi, you cray.

So now we have to accept that denim skirts are back AND we should wear them on top of jeans? I'm not ready. I'm just not.