Kevin Winter/BBMA2016/Getty

Shawn Mendes Rocks The Drums, Smashes A Guitar In ‘Mercy’ Video

He’s a one-man band

Instruments were harmed in the making of Shawn Mendes's new "Mercy" music video — specifically, an acoustic guitar and drum set. The piano was thankfully spared.

Mendes rocks out on all three instruments in an abandoned room in the new clip, where he literally begs for mercy — those are the song's lyrics, after all. At the same time, in some alternate dimension, he's stuck inside a rapidly sinking car. He struggles to catch his breath as the water rises higher and higher, drowning him.

The tension is too much, and he takes his anger out on his guitar and drums. He keeps gasping for breath, looking for a way to escape the car and his emotions. This quickly becomes a fight for his survival. Check it out for yourself below.