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Now You Can Judge Your Tinder Matches By Their Most-Played Spotify Songs

Spare yourself the shame of dating someone with pitiful music taste

As far as cliché first date questions go, “What kind of music are you into?” easily ranks as one of the most dreaded. Unoriginal as it may be, though, it’s also important for a reason — imagine having a great time with someone, then going back to their apartment and seeing stacks of Uncle Kracker records on their shelves. The horror!

Luckily for all you music-savvy singles, Tinder and Spotify have hooked up for a new feature that makes your swiping experience a little more personal. Effective immediately, Spotify users will be able to connect their accounts to their Tinder profiles, displaying a list of your most-played songs (but don’t worry — if you’ve been rocking out to something super embarrassing lately, Tinder will let you hide it). You’ll also see a list of favorite artists you have in common with a particular match, giving you yet another way to judge someone and swipe accordingly.

It’s worth noting that competing dating app Bumble launched a similar integration with Spotify back in June, but Tinder’s goes a step further. Even if you don’t have Spotify, Tinder will now let you add an “Anthem” to your profile, which is oh-so-cheesily described as, “that one song you can't get out of your head. Where the lyrics of your life meet the rhythm of your soul.”

Your “anthem” will show up right below that witty bio of yours, and can be played right within the app. It’s essentially like your MySpace profile song, which you’ll surely remember as a vital decision essential to building your ~brand~. Choose wisely. Might we suggest opting for “Hot in Herre,” which will let potential hookups dates know you’re generously doing your part to #SaveNelly? Just a suggestion.