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Rihanna Will Have A Fashion Show This Month — Surprise!

We're headed to Paris

When New York Fashion Week came and went with no sign of Rihanna's new Puma collection, we were sad but not surprised — ya girl has been busy!

HOWEVER. It turns out the new collection is, in fact, on its way, but was inspired by a city other than New York. You know what that means...

We're going to Paris, baby!

According to Vogue, Rihanna issued a press release revealing why she made the switch from Paris to New York, saying, "I approached this season very differently and felt the theme and concept was best suited for one of my favorite cities, Paris."

Perhaps more exciting than the fact that the show is actually happening, though, is that it promises to be "very different from a traditional runway show format."

UMMM. Whatever that means, sign us up. The show will be live-streamed on Tidal on September 28, and even non-members can watch. See ya there.