13 Stars Who Inspired Your Streaky Highlights Phase

The chunkier, the better

Anyone who’s ever lightened their hair knows the magic (and horrors) of bleach. Things can go one of two ways: Bleach can give your tresses that effortless, sun-kissed glow, or it’ll fry blonde stripes into your roots. If you recall, in the early 2000s, such nightmarish stripes were the trend. Many of your favorite celebs sported chunky high or lowlights that contrasted with their natural hair color.

Of course you wanted to try it yourself. So you bought a box of bleach or dye, said a quick prayer in front of your bathroom mirror, and got to work. If it ended up looking horrific (probably likely), blame these celebs for giving you unrealistic hair expectations.

  1. Mary-Kate Olsen
    Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

    Mary-Kate went red, while Ashley stuck to blonde. I’d say this would help you tell them apart, but let’s be real — true fans know who’s who even when they’re wearing matching outfits.

  2. Lindsay Lohan

    LiLo’s Freaky Friday style was the “Ultimate.”

  3. Christina Aguilera
    Theo Wargo/WireImage

    Your mom probably called this look “skunk hair.” Sigh.

  4. Shakira
    Kevin Mazur/WireImage

    She’s basically Christina Aguilera’s long-lost sister in this pic.

  5. Jessica Simpson
    Tim Roney/Getty

    Everything about this screams “The Year 2000.”

  6. Gwen Stefani

    Pink hair, don’t care.

  7. Kelly Rowland
    Jim Spellman/WireImage

    A moment of silence for everyone with black hair who tried to emulate this do and ended up with bright orange streaks instead.

  8. Beyoncé
    Evan Agostini / ImageDirect

    Not even Bey could resist this fad.

  9. Paris Hilton
    Jeff Vespa/WireImage

    That’s hot?

  10. Nicole Richie
    Doug Benc/Getty

    The unofficial 2003 rulebook explicitly states that where there’s Paris, there’s Nicole.

  11. Geri Halliwell a.k.a. Ginger Spice
    Tim Roney/Getty

    Spice up your life (and hair).

  12. Fergie
    Mychal Watts/WireImage

    Do you think she’s wearing a bumpit, Y/N?

  13. Kelly Clarkson

    Can’t decide between blonde or red highlights? Why not both?! BOOM.