Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Wear This To A Kanye Concert If You Want To Make Him Cry

Watch him serenade a fan who brought him to tears

So far, the floating stage on Kanye West’s Saint Pablo tour has allowed for a pretty awesome concert experience, transforming arena floors into dance parties while ‘Ye levitates overhead. It’s also made memorable fan moments possible, like the one concertgoers in Miami witnessed over the weekend.

Apparently, Kanye’s view isn’t too shabby from atop his flying throne, because he pointed out one lucky fan during the show. “You literally brought tears to my eyes,” he said, pointing to a fan wearing an “In Memory of Donda West” shirt and sporting a tattoo inspired by the artwork for his 2010 single “Runaway.”

Kanye went on to ask, “Sweetheart, what’s your name?” and when fans around her shouted back “Krystal,” ‘Ye started repeatedly humming her name in tune to a soft melody. In the end, Krystal was also left with literal tears in her eyes, as she sat on someone’s shoulders and listened to Kanye sweetly serenade her.

Suffice to say, Krystal’s been on quite the high ever since. She later tweeted, “Kanye really sang to me dawg,” and illustrated her “mood” with a GIF that you might remember as the moment MTV News caught Chance the Rapper freaking out over seeing Beyoncé at the VMAs.

Yep, we’d say that’s a pretty accurate depiction of feeling elated as all hell.