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One Direction Taunts Us With New Merch During Hiatus

BRB using these shirts to wipe away my tears

One Direction went on hiatus almost a year ago, and Directioners have been given very little to subsist on ever since. Sure, Harry cut his hair and Niall covered an unexpected magazine, but beyond that, there has been a severe lack of 1D-related news in our lives.

Then, out of the blue, the band released new merchandise.


One Direction

Each guy got his own shirt, which features individual watercolor versions of their faces. Even when obstructed by paint splatters Niall's smolder comes through.

One Direction

The shirts are available for pre-order now but won't be released until October 14. According to the band's website, they're "strictly limited edition," which is why they're pre-order, blah blah. But, to me, it seems like an opportunity to assume this means some form of 1D news is on the horizon. It's a completely unfounded belief, but a girl can dream, right?