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Kylie Jenner Is Confused About What Color Her Own Hair Is

That's definitely not black, Ky

As anyone who has ever lightened their hair knows, dark roots show up way faster than they should. You pay money to sit with bleach on your head for hours, live your life gloriously root-free for mere days, and then — boom — your natural color rears its washed-out, unsightly head.

Even celebrities aren't exempt from this nightmare. Kylie Jenner, who just went blonde, is already getting her roots touched up.

On Snpachat, Kylie lamented about how dark her roots are after only two weeks. She remarks that her "hair is almost black again," which is decidedly untrue, but, y'know, once you live that platinum life, a quarter-inch of roots seems like way too much.

She followed up with a photo of her new, silvery blonde hue, which looks great, but will undoubtedly be marred by roots in no time. Bets on when Kylie returns to wigs?