Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Governors Ball

Say, Topshop, Was That You Going Through Laura Jane Grace's Laundry?

There's ripping someone off, and then ripping someone off for a bad $700 look

Here's the deal with leather jackets: They tend to look coolest when you beat them up, cover them in patches, add some spikes, and make them your own. Buying a pre-distressed, pre-plastered jacket with a bunch of band names on it is kind of a lame move, and it's especially lame if the bands that are tattooed on the sleeves of said garment don't want to hawk a $700 piece of outerwear.

That, in a nutshell, is the bone Against Me! has to pick with Topshop.

The frontwoman hit up the retailer on Twitter after catching wind of a steeply priced leather jacket emblazoned with "AGAINST ME!" on the sleeve, along with the names of other punk acts like The Vandals and The Bouncing Souls. LJG's mentions are in shambles thanks to a bunch of people who have deemed themselves experts on copyright law, but they all shut up when Topshop admitted that something weird was going on and they were doing what they could to fix it.

The jacket is no longer available for sale on Topshop's site, and they're in the process of removing it from the shelves of their brick-and-mortar locations.

The moral of the story? If you're Topshop, don't put a price tag on something that isn't yours. And if you're a shopper and you're going to shell out $700 for a leather jacket, make sure it's one that doesn't cop the likeness or name of a band without permission. (Also, go vintage and go nuts with your own patches. It'll look better on you anyway because it's yours.)