Watch The Rocky Horror Reboot’s Glitzy Opening Number

Kiss those iconic red lips goodbye 💋

Let it be known that Fox’s upcoming Rocky Horror Picture Show does not aspire to be an exact replica of the original cult classic. That much is abundantly clear from the remake’s first five minutes, which Fox unveiled on Twitter and Periscope late last night (September 15).

In the now-iconic intro from the original Rocky Horror, the song “Science Fiction/Double Feature” was sung through a pair of floating, hot red lips against a black background. In the new version, Ivy Levan vamps it up as the Usherette, singing the tune while tearing tickets, scooping popcorn, and leading audiences to their seats. At the end, however, there’s a nod to the original when the camera zooms in on her ruby red lips. It’s an interesting creative take, and will help set the remake apart from its predecessor and give it a chance to stand on its own.

Fox’s Rocky Horror airs October 20 and also stars Laverne Cox, Adam Lambert, Christina Milian, Ryan McCartan, and Victoria Justice, who teased her performance of “Touch-A, Touch Me” earlier this week.