Whose Revenge Was Sweetest On Loosely Exactly Nicole?

The battle between Nicole and Devin got nasty with a capital N

Roommate fights can get brutal — especially when they involve who ate all the Twinkies, the occasional Apple product or owed money.

Nicole and her roomie Devin found themselves dealing with the latter during tonight's Loosely Exactly Nicole, and sh*t got ugly fast. Rather than pay Devin the $150 she owed him for the electric bill, Nic got a Poetic Justice-style weave in honor of their '90s party. Hey, we get wanting to get a new 'do — Nicole had to impress Derrick, who was planning to come to her party with his baseball bat-sized appendage.

But when Nicole returned with her new Janet Jackson braids, Devin was in an unusually chipper mood. The reason? He got his money and then some by selling the comedienne's prized Solange wig. Guess for every weave gained is a wig lost.

Nicole retaliated with a fake apology and pretended to borrow Devin's car... only to sell it for $1,000. WHAAAAT?! That's some hefty revenge right there.

The two quickly worked it out (apparently, his wheels were only worth $478 -- so he made over $500 due to Nic's mad negotiating skills), but we've got to ask: Which retribution takes the cake? Sound off, and catch a new episode next Monday at 10:30/9:30c!