Breaking Down The Sinister Clues In The American Horror Story: Roanoke Poster

We just dug up so many clues

We still have no idea where this season of FX's American Horror Story is headed, and while some viewers welcomed the ambiguity surrounding Season 6, it's been a total nightmare for others. The ambitious season premiere provided more questions than answers, leaving us completely in the dark when it came to the season's biggest mystery: What the hell is this year's theme? The premiere hour seemed to suggest My Roanoke Nightmare, but that's honestly a mouthful. However, as the promotional materials start to trickle in on social media, we have our first real piece of information: Roanoke.

FX took to Instagram to debut the first look at what appears to be Season 6's official title — American Horror Story: Roanoke. This isn't too much of a surprise; the subtitle is an abbreviated version of My Roanoke Nightmare, the title of the docu-series at the center of this season. Still, it's nice to finally (maybe?) get some real answers.

Given the events of season premiere, it's also time to reevaluate Roanoke's official poster. (Look no further than AHS's own Twitter header image for confirmation.) The Southern gothic image dropped earlier this month on Twitter, but it's now officially been confirmed as the Season 6 promo poster, teeth and all:

A few key clues stand out: the early colonial garb, the teeth (similar to the ones that fell from the sky), the tiny corn husk puppet at the end of her rosary, and perhaps most intriguing of all, her six fingers. Throughout history, imperfections, such as an extra digit on a hand, were seen as signs of witchcraft and evil. Given Shelby's (Sarah Paulson) last encounter with the settlers in the woods — and the blood sacrifice we know is going to go down in Episode 2 — witchcraft or possibly satanic worship could play a major role this season.

As for their obsession with teeth, that might have something to do with the mysterious colony's practice of human sacrifice. In the promo for "Chapter Two," Kathy Bates talks about protecting the colony, and perhaps these satanic practices are the only way to protect them. But does that mean there's an even more sinister force lurking out there, a force they would need protection from?

There's also the obvious connection to Murder House. In the first season, psychic Billie Dean Howard (also played by Paulson) told a ghost story about an exorcism that happened at Roanoke after the settlers disappeared. During a ritual to rid the island of the murderous ghosts of the colonists, a Native American elder yelled "Croatoan" and seemingly banished them. But what if he didn't cleanse the land of their spirits? What if he simply buried them? Just look at the red roots in this promo image for My Roanoke Nightmare:

It looks like there's something burrowing underground — and that something could be the colonists themselves. When asked about her role in Season 6, Lady Gaga described her character as "grounded." She added: "That might sound ridiculous once you see who she is, but she's very 'in the earth.'"

What could possibly be more "in the earth" than being physically trapped underground?