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Captain America, Deadpool, And More Get The Tim Burton Treatment In New Photo Series

Batman had his turn, now it’s other superheroes’ time to be peculiar

Several Marvel and DC superheroes are more recently portrayed as dark, gritty characters, which is why drawing them in the style of Tim Burton isn’t that far off the mark. Artist Andrew Tarusov’s recent series features 10 superheroes who looked like they just stepped out of a Burton film — which Batman actually did, with Batman and Batman Returns.

A huge fan of Burton’s oeuvre — Tarusov even met him at the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children premiere — this isn’t his first foray into the Burton style. He reimagined famous Disney characters as if Burton held the animation pen instead of Walt Disney, and that series went viral. “I didn’t expect [the “Disney Classics in Tim Burton’s style” series would] become so popular across the internet,” Tarusov told MTV News via email. “Everybody liked them so much ... I decided to make superheroes in that style, too.”

The result is nothing short of reinterpretation brilliance. Tarusov manages to capture all of Burton’s unique essence, while still retaining the superheroes’ original attributes and personalities. Surprisingly, each drawing only takes him a couple of hours to complete. He gets inspiration from The Art of Tim Burton, paying particular attention to Burton’s compositions, shapes, and colors when crafting his own creative work.

Check out Tarusov's new series below.

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