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Did You Catch American Horror Story Season 6’s Huge Murder House Reference?

Get ready to squeal in terror

Wednesday night’s episode of American Horror Story finally revealed the mysterious Season 6 theme: My Roanoke Nightmare. At least, that’s what we think the theme is, since people on the internet are pretty confused as to what the hell they just watched. Part haunted tale, part dramatic reenactment, the new season really should’ve been called American Horror Story: Pigs, because the oinkers were at the forefront of the premiere.

Unsurprisingly, after couple Shelby and Matt move into an eerie house built in the 1700s, bad things start happening — such as the appearance of a dead pig on their front porch. Later, Shelby and her sister-in-law creep on down to the basement and discover a grainy home movie featuring a man wearing a pig head.

Immediately, Twitter was abuzz with people practically screaming at their computers, “That pig man dude was from Season 1!” Yes, the giant effing pig man that terrified Eric Stonestreet on Murder House was based on an urban legend called “Piggy Man.”

According to legend, Piggy Man was a hog butcher in Chicago in 1893 who wore a dead pig’s face while he slaughtered the animals. Eventually, he slipped up and the pigs tore him limb from limb. Brave (or stupid) souls can conjure him by looking into a mirror and saying, “Here, piggy pig pig” — though I have zero idea why you’d ever want to do that.

We don’t know anything about the pig man on the videotape on My Roanoke Nightmare, but since he definitely didn’t look like Babe or Wilbur, we’re just gonna keep our distance. Series creator Ryan Murphy did say this season will begin connecting the mythology of the series together, after all. Maybe now that Season 1 moment will finally make sense in the series overall, instead of just coming off as a random scare.