Prepare Yourself For ‘Videohead,’ A Podcast About Music Videos And The People Who Make Them

A special preview, featuring an interview with legendary director Jonas Åkerlund

By Daniel Ralston

Hey, I’m Daniel Ralston, and I’m hosting a new podcast called “Videohead” on the MTV Podcast Network. It’s all about music videos. I’m a writer and music video director — maybe you saw the thing I wrote about the fake Zombies, or the piece about one of Prince’s greatest guitar solos. I’ve directed videos for artists like Eric Bachmann, The Both (Aimee Mann and Ted Leo’s band), and The So So Glos. Earlier, I was one of the cohosts of a podcast called “Low Times.”

Music videos are very important to me. I like making them. I like watching them. I like how they breed incredible filmmakers (Spike Jonze, Mark Romanek, Tamra Davis) and help make artists iconic. (Look at Thriller. Look at Lemonade.)

“Videohead” will look at what it takes to make a music video. I’ll be talking to major directors like Matthew Rolston and Hannah Lux Davis about how they got started, collaborate with artists, and turned music videos into a career. I’ll also have musicians, comedians, and filmmakers on to discuss everything music video–related. Here, from the first episode, is legendary director Jonas Åkerlund — the visionary behind the videos for Madonna’s “Ray of Light,” Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s “Telephone,” and much more — talking about what it’s like to be convinced that the video you’ve just shot for a major pop star is going to fail, only to watch it become a huge hit:

The first episode of “Videohead” will be available September 19. You can subscribe at iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play right now. In the meantime, please enjoy this short promotional video. It features me saying a bunch of the things you just read in this blog post, but you should watch it anyway, because videos are amazing.