Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Fifth Harmony Tease ‘That’s My Girl’ Video, And Mad Max Is Shook

Looks like the girls are headed to the desert

They steamed up a construction site in “Work From Home,” then got glam at the beach in “All In My Head (Flex),” and for their newest music video, Fifth Harmony are infiltrating a postapocalyptic desert town.

At least, that’s what we can gather from the pair of teasers 5H have released for their “That’s My Girl” video, which looks quite Mad Max–esque.

In the first clip, we see an aerial view of sandy desert mountains, with dozens of buildings arranged in the number five.

The second clip offers us our first glimpse at one of the girls, and it’s fierce, y’all. Allow us to present Dinah Jane Hansen’s truly incomparable hair flip:

“That’s My Girl” is the bouncy, girl power–touting anthem that kicks off 5H’s latest album, 7/27. Packed with brassy horns and directives to “get mad independent” and “put your five high,” it’s an epic boost of confidence — and it looks like the accompanying video will be, too.

New previews from each of the 5H girls will probably be coming between now and September 19, when the video officially premieres, so keep your eyes peeled, Harmonizers. In the meantime, jam away: