Michelle Obama And Ellen Ravage A CVS For Boxed Wine And Other Treats

Did she really just call her Shelly?

Have we learned nothing about Ellen in unsuspecting shopping establishments?! The woman can’t be trusted if there’s a cart, random merch, and a high-profile partner in mischief-making involved — and this time the First Lady of the United States is the one getting silly with her in Aisle 5.

Michelle Obama’s time in the White House is coming to a close, and so Ellen thought it’d be a good idea to bring her to a local CVS to get her bearings on the civilian shopping front.

They confront the Coinstar machine (and make a chunk of change in the process) and peruse the selection of Halloween candy, but Ellen starts to get rowdy when she finds a back scratcher and goes after FLOTUS and a CVS employee with it. By the time she gets into the boxed wine and starts popping the tops off random bottles of liquor, that’s when Michelle says, straight-up, that Ellen is not a good person to shop with.

Thankfully, Michelle keeps Ellen from signing a baby’s forehead with permanent marker, and, you know, getting arrested for shoplifting and general silliness.