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Miley Cyrus Hands Out Weed In First Trailer For Woody Allen’s New Amazon Series

Is Miley even acting?

Miley Cyrus is stirring up trouble for Woody Allen in the auteur's new Amazon series, Crisis in Six Scenes. The first trailer for the six-episode comedy just dropped, and Cyrus — channeling her inner Hannah Montana with a long blonde wig — goes toe-to-toe with Allen in the 1960s-set series as a happy hippie named Lucy who turns his suburban household completely upside-down.

She hands out marijuana to his tightly wound son, inspires his wife and her friends to burn their bras, and quarrels with Allen. "I don't dislike you," she tells him. "It's just hate everything that you stand for." Oh, and she also eats his navel oranges without asking.

Crisis in Six Scenes hits Amazon streaming on September 30.