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South Park Returns For Season 20 Just In Time For A Polarizing Election

The satirical staple's latest topic? Colin Kaepernick and America's response

From its very first episode — "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe," which aired back in 1997 — South Park has always been about subverting expectations. Surely a brightly lit cartoon about elementary school kids wouldn't tackle plots about abortion, bowl-smoking anthropomorphic towels, and cannibalism! But of course it did. That was the point.

As South Park, which returns Wednesday night (September 14) for a landmark 20th season, moved away from crude humor for its own sake (and as the production process sped up to an unheard-of six days from conception to airing), it set its sights squarely on satirizing every shred of modern American life, especially when it comes to politics. Most successfully, the show broke down how simple most election choices really are: Do we vote for the giant douche or the turd sandwich?

With less than two months to go before the two most polarizing political candidates ever square off in the 2016 presidential election, South Park's return is right on time. Watch a supercut of the show's most memorable moments above.

South Park returns Wednesday, September 14 at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central. (Disclosure: MTV and Comedy Central are both owned by Viacom.)