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A Kanye West Fan Tried (And Failed) To Climb The Saint Pablo Tour's Floating Stage

Please don’t try to get on Yeezy’s (literal) level

Kanye West’s gravity-defying stage is a sight to behold, but that doesn’t mean it’s open to visitors.

At his most recent stop on the Saint Pablo tour Monday night (September 12), Kanye had to shoo away an enterprising fan who thought he might be able to meet the rapper on top of his suspended platform.

The fan showed some impressive upper-body strength while clinging to the side of the stage, but dropped to the floor when Kanye confronted him. Hopefully he’s OK.

It seems like this was the first unplanned incident involving the precarious-looking concert setup, which wowed attendees when Kanye rolled it out at the beginning of the tour. But that platform probably isn’t designed to hold too many people — so fans had better stay earthbound and let Yeezus preach from on high.