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The Only Thing Gigi Hadid Doesn’t Destroy In This Video Is Zayn Malik

Zayn is safe — everything else is not

We've seen a lot of Gigi Hadid lately: on the covers of magazines, on billboards, and on runways. But we've definitely never seen her as a breaking-and-entering, graffiti-tagging, mask-wearing menace before. Enter this video by Dazed, a cacophony of petty crime.

The video, which accompanies her brand new cover, features a curly-haired Gigi destroying Dazed's office. About the only thing she doesn't destroy — just tags with a heart — is the wall filled with photos of Zayn Malik's recent Dazed cover.

Perhaps because she is an inexperienced criminal, she leaves her calling card on the door — they'll know exactly where to send the bill.