Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Drake Really Can’t Say No To Any Opportunity To Gush About Rihanna

He’s getting really good at this Super Public Declarations Of Undying Affection thing

Drake has spent the majority of this season on the Summer Sixteen tour, but he’s spent it on a metaphorical Love Boat, too, as the dude cannot stop thinking about Rihanna.

On September 10 in Los Angeles, RiRi hopped onstage during the rapper’s performance, and Drizzy was all too trilled to halt the track and hand over the spotlight as she looped her arms around his waist.

“L.A.!” he shouted. “I pray that you find somebody that holds you down like this woman right here.”

It’s no camo shark tattoo, but this is further proof that Drake’s dad kind of has no idea what he’s talking about.