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Shailene Woodley Wants To ‘Do Justice’ By Divergent With Another Feature Film

‘I didn’t just do ‘Divergent’ for the hell of it’

Shailene Woodley is at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote Snowden, but another movie — or, well, franchise, technically — is definitely on her mind.

In a conversation with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, the topic of Divergent came up due to the recent news that the studio is interested in bringing the conclusion of the series, Ascendant, to the small screen. Woodley expressed her opposition to that plan earlier this week, but there’s more to it beyond the fact that she didn’t “sign up” for a TV movie: She just wants the final Divergent installment to see its rightful end, and to her, that means finishing what she and the cast and crew set out to do from the beginning and making Ascendant a full-length feature.

“I hope they make a feature film!” she exclaimed without hesitation. “I want to finish these movies! I want to do justice to everybody who believes in the character of Tris as much as I believe in the character of Tris, as much as I believe in the stories that Veronica Roth offered us. I didn’t just do Divergent for the hell of it; I did Divergent because I think it parallels our modern-day society in its own escapist, dystopian-esque way.”

The relevance of the Divergent series isn’t lost on her, either: Woodley, who recently protested the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline and is passionate about social justice, thinks that the next Divergent movie has the potential to hit a raw, necessary nerve with audiences at a time when people need to fight for humanity in their own ways.

“There’s many parallels,” she says. “You see this young woman who isn’t inherently a hero; she still isn’t a hero, she’s someone who believes in humanity, and she’s going to do everything she can to protect humanity. These are films that we need to be offering people right now. People need to have something they can relate to that’s just far enough away where it triggers and inspires them maybe in their own personal lives, but also allows them to escape into an alternate reality. I hope we can make another feature film. I’m eternally optimistic! I want to do another movie with all my friends! I want to see the crew again. I want to finish it up.”