John Lamparski/WireImage

Lady Gaga Surprised A London Bar With A ‘Perfect Illusion’ Performance

Who needs a jukebox when Gaga’s bringing karaoke to a whole new level?

The chances of encountering someone screaming through a song at a packed bar on a Friday night are pretty good, especially if there’s a microphone in the vicinity.

It’s not every day that a pop star pops into a watering hole and sings their latest single, though, and that’s exactly what Lady Gaga did to kick off her weekend in London on September 9.

Performing with little more than her track and the Moth Pub’s mic, Gaga took the stage sporting the crop top and sparkle pants she’s been a fan of, lately, and flipped her ponytail at a dizzying pace while belting her way through “Perfect Illusion” to celebrate the single’s release.

Gaga spent most of the song getting the room as hyped as she was, twirling her mic around by the chord like a dance-floor cowboy and reaching out to touch the faces of those pressing up against the stage.

Between this impromptu release day surprise and hang time with a Spice Girl, it’s safe to say that jolly London is showing Gaga a great time.