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Ariel Winter Gets Real About The ‘Stigma’ Of Having Guy Friends

‘Everyone thinks when a girl walks out with a guy, immediately it has to be that they’re dating’

In news that will shock absolutely nobody, guys and girls can be just friends. Ariel Winter knows this, and she’s making sure you know it, too.

The Modern Family star’s longtime relationship with Laurent Claude Gaudette ended over the summer, and now she’s opening up about the “stigma” that comes with being single in the entertainment industry.

“It’s funny, you know? Everyone thinks when a girl walks out with a guy, and they’re friends, immediately it has to be that they’re dating if they spend a lot of time together,” she told E! News Thursday night (September 8) at the Emmys Casting Nominees Reception in Beverly Hills. “When really it’s just that people have friends, they see each other.”

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“I have girl best friends, I have guy best friends,” Winter continued. “I spend all the time with my friends so it’s a stigma that I find kind of irritating that we’re always having to be linked to somebody. I say if we’re linked to somebody and we want to talk about it, we’ll talk about it.”

Modern Family is nominated for four Emmys this year, so Winter will definitely be at the show to cheer the whole cast on. As for her date, she says she’ll probably bring along a friend — but again, there’s nothing romantic about it.

“As everyone thinks I’m dating someone, I’m not. I’m, like, so single. If I was dating someone I would let everyone know, but I’m not. So it really just depends, I might bring a friend this year.”

All the single ladies (and fellas) can definitely cheers to that!