Emma Bunton/Instagram

Lady Gaga Hung Out With Baby Spice And Of Course They Sang Together

It’s the duet you really, really wanted

Nope, it’s not an “Illusion:” Lady Gaga and Emma Bunton — you probably know her as Baby Spice of the Spice Girls — hung out Friday morning (September 9). Gaga appeared on BBC Radio 1 to chat about her new music when Bunton stopped by for a little singing of her own.

They sang a cute snippet of “2 Become 1,” from the Spice Girls’ debut 1996 record, Spice. It’s been 20 years since that album came out — can you believe it?!

In pure Gaga fashion, she changed up the song’s lyrics from “wanna make love to ya, baby” to “I’ll make love to you, baby.”

So, was she talking about ‘baby’ in the typical sense or ‘baby’ as in Baby Spice? Talk about a spicy reunion. 🔥