7 Signs That The Man You Just Met Is A Total D-Bag

On this week’s 'Mary + Jane,' Paige's new guy raised some serious red flags

To paraphrase a wise old young sage, we knew he was trouble when he walked in.

Paige met the worst. dude. ever. on this week’s episode of Mary + Jane when she and Jordan attended Marijuana-Con (aka the pot-centric version of Comic-Con) -- and it all happened because of her charitable ambitions.

“I signed up for the convention’s Smoke-A-Wish buds program,” she’d told Jordan. “It’s basically like Make-A-Wish but with cannabis.”

Before long, however, the bubbly blonde was paired with a cancer patient who revealed his inner misogynist during their very first meeting and continued raising red flags every step of the way. Read on for the top seven, then commit every warning sign to memory -- because any guy who exhibits them is a total d-bag.

  1. He wears an offensive T-shirt.

    We apologize for the mental image.

  2. He wears another offensive T-shirt.

    Anyone want to bet he even has that on his driver's license?

  3. He’s not interested in your personality.

    Upon meeting Trent, Paige offered, “If there’s anything I can do for you this weekend, please don’t hesitate to ask.” His response: “Show me your tits.”

  4. He has a one-track mind.

    When Paige tried to buoy Trent’s spirits, he seemed to finally soften, admitting there was indeed “one thing” that would make him feel better. His request: “Show me your tits.”

  5. He has a violent streak.

    Paige proclaimed it was her “mission” to give Trent the best weekend of his life and help him do whatever was on his bucket list. And that’s when her new pal revealed his one unrealized dream: “I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to kill a man.”

  6. He starts to ghost you.

    Literally. To shake off Paige, Trent faked his own death -- and even sent a doctor to tell her he'd passed. #harsh

  7. He never, ever changes.

    So how did Paige discover Trent wasn’t dead? She walked in on the action-packed Miss Cannabis pageant and heard a familiar voice shouting to a contestant -- you guessed it -- “Show us your tits.”

Which warning sign do you think raises the biggest red flag? And can you offer any others that every woman should be able to recognize? Tell us in the comments, then catch another M+J on Monday at 10/9c!