Teen Mom OG Amber Says She Got All The Feels After Reuniting With Her Best Friend From Prison

Hear why Leah's mama got 'so close' to her former 'bunkie' Nicole

Amber has been a free woman for nearly three years -- and the Teen Mom OG cast member has never shied away from talking about her time in prison. And during this week's episode, viewers got a first-hand glimpse of what her life was like behind bars: Thanks to Matt's organizational skills at his fiancée's surprise birthday party, Leah's mom reunited with her "bunkie" Nicole (relive the heartwarming moment in the clip below).

The experience was understandably emotional: The two exchanged sweet compliments and reflected on how much their worlds had changed since they last saw each other. How would Amber describe her bond with Nicole during their incarceration?

"It's not normal for you to stay with the same person your whole stint, but we did," the 25-year-old reveals in the video below. "We became so close."

Even though the two did argue in the past, Amber credits Nicole for helping her through the ordeal. Hear Amber tell more stories in the clip, and be sure to watch her every Monday on Teen Mom OG at 9/8c.