New American Horror Story Promo Hints That Season 6 Is Nothing But A ‘Perfect Illusion’

We’re all being trolled!!!

American Horror Story just dropped a new teaser for Season 6, and this one is making us question everything. Featuring Lady Gaga’s newly released single, “Perfect Illusion,” the pop star — and AHS alum — sings, “It was a perfect illusion,” as all the season’s horrifying and rather confusing promos are stitched together to create the most frustrating 30-second edit in existence.

Obviously, this is symbolic of cocreator Ryan Murphy’s plan to keep us guessing this season. FX has released dozens of short teasers, all varying in tone and style. The real theme of Season 6 won’t be revealed until the season premiere on September 14.

Basically, everything we thought we knew about the sixth season of American Horror Story has all been a lie. Or a perfect illusion. Or shameless promo for LG5.